New Chocolate Makin' Kits Coming Soon!


"I can't believe I just made all this chocolate!"

"I wonder if I can just hide these for myself?"

These are the responses you'll hopefully have when you're holding the new Chocolate Makin' Kit in your hand and successfully make several batches of delicious chocolate.

For the past 4 years, we've put together chocolate making events across California. Using wild honey and minimally processed chocolate, thousands have made chocolate for themselves and people they care about.

The Chocolate Makin' Kit originally came out of requests from attendees to have something to give to someone who wouldn't be able to make it to a workshop. Or just to have all the ingredients ready for themselves so they could go home and start making chocolate ASAP. Now chocolate and ASAP are two words that go together well.

We've been hard at work redesigning this kit from scratch. And you're gonna love what we've come up with.

With the new Chocolate Makin' Kit, you'll have everything you need to make 60 chocolates at home. It contains a reusable silicon mold, and in the future you'll be able to purchase ingredient refill packs to make sure you're capable of always having chocolate within reach.

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Keep makin' chocolate.